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Do you have outstanding loan and your out of cash to repay it? Wondering if your credit card could be a better way to repay your loan? Well here’s the fact: Most lenders usually don’t accept credit cards as payment to settle your loan. Besides, it will only cost you more money to pay because credit cards usually carries higher fees.

Using Your Credit Card To Pay Off A Loan

Imagine paying a loan with its interest then paying a credit card debt with higher fees? Well if you apply a loan from some online lenders then it could be possible to pay them off with a credit card because usually they don’t care. It is fine to pay your loan through a credit card if you have a high credit card limit to pay a personal loan. You can also ask your lender if they’re accepting credit card for repaying your loan. But come to think of it that it’s quite hard to settle a debt by having another debt.

Most people today can’t think of any better especially if they’re struggling financially. Fi you’re thinking that paying your loan with a credit card might save you then you should think of another way. You can talk to your family or friends about your problem and maybe they can help you settle your loan. Now if you have a good credit score you can talk to your lender that you will provide some collateral to settle your loan. Remember, a problem won’t be fixed by having another problem.

So find other ways to settle your loan, like finding a part-time job, cutting out your monthly expenses especially those things you don’t really need, and spending only 30% of your credit limit. It’s just about managing your funds the right way. Focusing only on your basic needs will help you cope up financially and will certainly help you become more practical but it’s okay sometimes if you want to treat yourself just make sure to do it in the right way.


When it comes to borrowing, approval will usually be hinged on your credit report. Lenders need assurance that you are a good borrower and one way for them to assess this is to take a look at the state of your credit score. This is the reason why if you’ve had a history of late payments or worse, defaults, expect that getting approved for a loan is going to be a lot harder. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will never be approved for one. There are still lenders and financing providers out there who may be willing to take a chance on you. Since you’re going to be flat out refused by regular lenders, below are some places that might be willing to lend you some cash.

Lenders offering guarantor loans

These lenders will want you to present a third party, a person you know, who will guarantee the loan. This is one way of ensuring that they will get paid the money you’re borrowing no matter what. Different lenders have different requirements as far as guarantor gets. Generally, they need to not only have a good credit score but to also have a stable job and steady income.

Bank you’ve been a long-time client with

If you’ve been doing business with your bank for a long time, they may be able to offer you an unsecured personal loan. This will usually work if you happen to have a good income flow as the bank can easily tell that you’ll have the means to pay back what they will let you borrow. However, expect that the interests are going to be higher. 

Lenders offering secured loans

There are lenders who will be willing to overlook your bad credit score, provided that you can offer security for your borrowing. It could be a vehicle, property or equipment- any valuable asset that the loan may be taken against. If you can provide that, then they’d have no issue lending you money. 

Get The Money You Need

Apply to Borrow £1000 to £25,000*