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The types of loan you can qualify for would depend considerably on your credit score. Lenders will usually gauge how risky or not a borrower you are based on your credit history. How many options are available for you will be hinged on how well you’ve managed to keep your credit score all this time. 

Better score, more loan options

You’ll find that if you’ve had a borrowing history in the past that you have managed well will often reflect into a positive credit score. In turn, this will open up several doors of opportunity as far as borrowing goes. Lenders will be happy to lend you money when you have a history that clearly shows how responsible you have been in managing your past loans. 


How much you’re borrowing and whether you can afford it or not is also going to determine what types of loans you’ll be granted for. If you have a stable job and getting a regular monthly income of a substantial figure, lenders would usually be happy to let you borrow bigger. Combine this with a good credit score and you’ll likely get a loan with a very competitive rate.

Loans you are likely going to be approved for

If you have a good credit score, a personal loan is something accessible for you. they can be secured or unsecured. Better scores would mean higher borrowing amount and better rates. For low credit borrowers, it is still possible to get a competitive loan offer as long as you provide security or present a guarantor when you apply. Car loans are loans taken out to finance a car purchase. This can be both secured or unsecured. If secured, the car is used as collateral until the loan amount is paid off. The same is true for mortgages, which are loans taken out to finance a home purchase and where the property serves as collateral.

Short-term loans are available if you need cash fast. With its quick processing time, they are ideal for emergencies. Often available in smaller loan figures, they have a shorter term. They tend to be charged with high borrowing fees.

What if one time, you received a huge amount of cash, let’s say from a tax refund, inheritance, or a good amount of cash from a lottery, what are you going to do with it? Are you going to buy your dream gadget or do something more practical, perhaps get all your loans settled?

Paying Off A Lump Sum Of Your Debt

Whether you’re buried in a debt trap or you have a single account, the only thing you want is probably to get rid off it. After all, loans are not for free and even if you’re only paying for a small amount every month, your payment still includes the interest rate and additional charges.

But what if you had extra cash, should you consider using it to settle your debt?

Basically, when you pay off debt, you’re saving money by reducing the interest. However, this depends on the type of loans you have because some lenders might charge you a penalty fee for repaying the loan earlier than the agreed period. Nonetheless, you can expect a greater return if you choose to settle a lump sum off the loan.

Aside from saving the interest, you can also have the peace of mind you need knowing that you are going to settle the loan sooner than expected. Even if only a few months were taken of the agreed repayment period, it’s still a relief to know that you can get out of the debt in the earliest possible time.

Things to Consider When Paying Back Your Loan

But then again, make sure to read the fine prints to know if it says anything about early repayments to avoid paying for extra charges. Also, if the lender allows you to repay the loan sooner, be sure to notify the loan provider to take note of the extra payments. When you want to know how much you are going to save for paying a lump sum off your debt, you can use a debt calculator.

Get The Money You Need

Apply to Borrow £1000 to £25,000*